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...Since doing the course I have transformed into a bolder, more focused individual, and I now have a structure and a plan as to how to grow my business even more...
Alisha Lord | Part-time Hairdresser
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Create a
business model

Understand your
target market

Develop your
unique selling point

Use effective
marketing techniques

Promote yourself
on social media

Start generating

This course will help you to pick up sales skills, hone your social media strategy, get access to helpful templates and gain insight through interviews with successful freelancers. Not only will it teach you about the basics of being self-employed, it will also help you to develop a mindset that will help you to grow, become stronger and create the life and business that you want.

What's included?

We've got you covered…

  • A six week intensive business insight course for new Freelancers, or those that need a bit more support, covering everything you need to start your business.
  • Invite to a private Facebook Group, where you can share information, ask questions and hang out with other freelancers, as they join the course. You will get encouragement, and connections with people from around the world. Incredible people that you might not meet any other way!
  • You get power packed video modules that will guide you through each step of the process to build your business, plus bonus tech tutorials on Trello, and the 4 main Social Media Platforms.
  • There will be downloadable workbooks, pdfs, worksheets, and the course will be released to you 1 week at a time so that you can absorb the content and work through any action plans.
  • Every month, there will be a live Q&A session where you can ask your burning questions on business, marketing, sales, social media, pricing etc. in a group setting.

Course Curriculum

What's to come

  • Introduction
    Background and Purpose of the Course

    Learn a bit more about your course creator and exactly what this course will help you to achieve.

  • Week 1
    Is Freelancing The Right Choice For You?

    Delve into the reasons why you want to freelance and hear from other successful freelancers about why they chose to set up their own business.

  • Week 2
    Business Strategy - How to Set Up The Nuts and Bolts of Your Business

    Gain some insight into the nitty-gritty of setting up a business, as well as advice on project management, target markets and finding your unique selling point.

  • Week 3
    Marketing and Social Media - Social Media Network Growth Strategy

    Learn all about email marketing, social media advertising, creating a social media calendar and how to set up your business’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

  • Week 4
    How to Develop The Right Mindset For Success

    Whether you’re anxious about certain aspects of self-employment or just generally afraid of failing, this week will help you to address your worries about freelancing.

  • Week 5
    The Right Way to Sell

    Pick up some tips and tricks for successful networking and find out about all of the useful tools you can use to start selling.

  • Week 6
    Business & Tax Documentation Starter Pack

    Study up on the legal aspects of running a business, including taxes and employment contracts.

As well as covering the essentials, we explore your perception of 'self' to help you transition to a more powerful and successful business man or woman.

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